Invasion of the Cicadas

These flying bugs are everywhere.  They are the 13-year cycle cicadas, which are laying their eggs in our trees.  When they hatch, the new bugs fall to the ground, burrow into the earth, and spend the next 13 years there munching on tree roots and such.  In 2024, they will emerge again and repeat the process.

Since there are so many of them, they make a lot of noise.  Here’s a short 30-second audio I recorded out in the driveway:

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This registered 90 decibels, which is quite loud.  They definitely make a lot of noise, which is apparently their mating calls.  Apparently, they’re only around for about 2 weeks, so I’m anxious for the cycle to end and get back to our normal peace and quiet on the homestead.


  1. Ethan Garrett says

    That's got to be annoying. Do they only do it during the day, or are they doing it while you try to sleep too?

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