Fun in Utah

We had a quick but very fun trip to Utah last week.  We left on Friday and returned on Wednesday, so it was short, but we had a great time.


Max loved going to Luke’s basketball game, but didn’t care that there was actually a game going on.  Here he grabs one of the team’s basketballs.


Poor Owen took a diving header in the bleachers and has a puffy lip.  He wasn’t fully recovered from the trauma yet when I took this picture.



Lucy is a great eater and she even likes Peas (she must take after her grandpa)!


Brent performing his kitchen duties.


Eli loves the piano and is pretty good at it.


Lucy from floor level (her domain)


Owen loves to play in the snow.  The blizzard hit so fast that some of the scooters were still on the front lawn and were buried.  Owen’s digging them out.  He was outside with his cousin Nicole, who’s a freshman at BYU-I.


Dinner with Shirley, Hernan, and their family (most of them).  Guess where we ate?  Chuck-a-rama.


All of the gang, shown in various states of enthusisam over getting their picture taken.





  1. Cute, cute pictures of your trip. BUT you and mom aren't in any?! What is up with that? Max has really thinned out since I saw him last. They are all so cute. Lucy and peas… YUCK!

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