Merry Christmas!

Here’s wishing everyone a merry Christmas!  I hope everyone has the same attitude as Porter in this picture:

One Week Old Today

Emma is one week old today.  Happy 1-week birthday Emma!

Welcome Emma!

Welcome to the world Emma!  She was born on Monday, November 25th.  Here’s a picture of Taylor and Megan in the hospital room on Tuesday with her.  It’s interesting because grandchild #1 (age 18) is holding grandchild #21 (age 1 day).  It doesn’t seem like that long ago that Taylor was that age.

The Family Reunion was a Success!

It was a fun 4 days and I think the best part was just sitting around and talking and watching the kids get to know each other better.  Thanks to everyone for sacrificing money, time, and effort to make it happen.  We’ll have to do it again in a couple of years! Don’t forget to […]

Fun in Arizona

We had a great time during our week in Arizona.  The weather was perfect and we had a lot of fun visiting Ethan, Lisa, Allyson, Jackson, Julianne, Emily, Travis, Carson, Porter, and Hudson.  The time went by way too quickly.  Here are a few shots: Julianne is bidding us farewell the day we left early […]