New Soccer Season for Taylor

Here’s a link to the article about the CHS soccer team in the newspaper yesterday.  Congrats to Taylor for being selected a captain this year and best wishes for the season.

I Thought I was in Arizona

We had this sunset the other night, which is a very unusual one for the prairie.  This was more like the sunsets we used to see regularly in Arizona.  

Photo Tricks

I had fun making this photo, changing it to black and white (except for the pic in the camera viewfinder), and generally messing around with it.

Fun Cross Country Run

  Taylor attended the EIU cross country camp this week and the camp culminated with a 5k run this morning, to which family members were invited.  The only camper family members that wanted to participate were the Garretts, so Megan, Wyatt, and Josh joined Taylor and the campers (about 60 or 70 of them) on […]

Late Bloomers

Our day lillies just decided to bloom.

Critters in the Yard

There are many opportunities to get pictures of various life forms in our yard.  This morning, Margie noticed a large turtle sunning in the front yard, so I decided to snap some photos.  This turtle resides in the pond and the shell is about a foot long.   While I was hiding from the turtle […]

Country Photo Shoots

I took this photo on a bleak summer day.  This old house is on State Street, just north of our house.  It’s cool looking in the gloom and doom.

Early Summer Blooms

Tiger lilly blooms in the front planter    

Invasion of the Cicadas

These flying bugs are everywhere.  They are the 13-year cycle cicadas, which are laying their eggs in our trees.  When they hatch, the new bugs fall to the ground, burrow into the earth, and spend the next 13 years there munching on tree roots and such.  In 2024, they will emerge again and repeat the […]

Fun in Arizona

We had a great time during our week in Arizona.  The weather was perfect and we had a lot of fun visiting Ethan, Lisa, Allyson, Jackson, Julianne, Emily, Travis, Carson, Porter, and Hudson.  The time went by way too quickly.  Here are a few shots: Julianne is bidding us farewell the day we left early […]